Fuel your Sales Team’s Success with SalesBoost

Effective communication with prospects is challenging when you’re sending sales materials via email. Overloaded with text, attachments, and links, potential buyers easily miss important information and lose interest quickly, while sales teams may never find out what sparked interest or turned someone away. Konverse’s new sales enablement tool, SalesBoost, will turn your disjointed content into one polished digital presentation and give your sales team valuable insight into buyer behavior and intent. Let’s see how it works!

Creating your Presentation

Creating a SalesBoost presentation is just as easy as creating a post in Konverse. When creating a post in a SalesBoost room, you’ll fill out a form that mirrors the sections of your presentation.

Adding your Assets

SalesBoost supports multiple document types so you so can put your photos, videos, pdfs, and links into one seamless presentation. Just upload each file into your form and they will be displayed in your SalesBoost presentation. Once you click on Publish your presentation will be ready for previewing.

Previewing your Presentation

At the bottom of your post, there is a preview button. Simply click on this button and your browser will open a new window with a perfectly put together presentation that’s ready to send to potential buyers.

Sending your Presentation

From your Konverse app or your SalesBoost presentation preview, you can send out your presentation the moment you’re ready. Click on send at the bottom of your post or in the upper right corner of your presentation.

After you hit send, a window will pop up where you can include a personalized message and enter multiple recipients. Prospective buyers will receive an email similar to the one below with a link to the presentation.

Viewing your Activity Feed

As recipients view your presentation, you will receive real-time notifications of interactions. Details on each recipient’s behavior appears as a comment in your Konverse post and in your SalesBoost activity feed. You can view details such as which assets were viewed and for how long, which files were downloaded, and who the presentation was forwarded to.

Any questions?

If you don’t have a Konverse app yet, send us an email at info@konverse.com or call us at 312-674-7987 for more information. If you’re a current customer, contact us at support@konverse.com for help.

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