Room Creator

Creating and customizing rooms is key to getting the most out of Konverse. Our new Room Creator helps make that customization process easier and more effective than ever.

Instead of the current single panel where customization options are often unclear or hidden, the new Room Creator takes a step-by-step wizard approach to ensure you have the opportunity to customize each room to fit your exact needs.

How Does It Work?

To reduce confusion, we’ve moved Room Creation exclusively to the menu. To create a new room, click on the + on a category within your menu. Once created, your new room will appear at the bottom of that category.

The first step in the new room creation process is choosing the type of room you’d like to create. We’ve added a handy description for each room type you can create so it’s easier than ever to understand exactly what you’ll get out of each room type.

Once you select your room type, you can add the basic details of the room – a name, icons, the visibility (public/private), and description.

The new Room Creator also gives you more control over your folders and forms. Each room starts with one folder with the default form for that room type (e.g. Training rooms start with a Training folder with the Training form). You can edit the folder name, update the form you’re using with our Form Editor, or add additional folders.

The key to making your room work perfectly are your settings. Each room type has default settings that will be populated in this step but you always have the ability to customize those settings and add things like auto-archive rules.

The final step is inviting users. With our new Room Creator, all admins can add groups directly to a room via this invite screen (so no more additional steps for mapping groups). If you’re curious about what owners or members can do in a given room, you can click on the information button next to both groups to see the specific privileges they have based on the room type and settings you’ve selected.

When you’re done inviting users, click Save Room and your room will be created and ready to use.

We’re hoping this makes the process of creating rooms easier, faster, and more effective for our admins. Have any feedback, questions, or other ideas on how we can improve Konverse? Please reach out to use at or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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