Recognize Achievement with User Profile Badging

What’s one way to motivate your employees? Recognition. New badges on user profiles will display the courses each user has completed so they can share their accomplishments with everyone in the app. User profiles will also show which events they have attended in the past so others can gain insight into their interests and areas of expertise.

Take a look at some examples of user profile badging below.

Showcase interests and experience

Anyone that visits Jeff’s profile can see that he has completed the new employee onboarding online training, new employee orientation live training and went to a Cub’s game.

Amanda’s profile shows that she’s completed two basic online trainings in addition to several live trainings in the areas of sales and management.

Acknowledge accomplishments and make connections

With user profile badging, employees can congratulate each other on completed trainings, connect about common interests and ask for advice.

Any questions?

If you don’t have a Konverse app yet, send us an email at or call us at 312-674-7987 for more information. If you’re a current customer, contact us at for help.

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