Keep Employees on Track with Prerequisites

Employees without a clear learning path are often left feeling confused and unprepared. Set your employees up for success with Konverse prerequisites! This new feature allows you to define what trainings must be completed before others so users train more effectively and with confidence. You can now create an ordered sequence of specific courses, lessons, and events across rooms to provide a comprehensive training program for your team.

Assigning a Unique ID

Each lesson post has a unique ID. This unique ID is what is used to determine if a user has completed the necessary training before moving on to another lesson or course. For example, the lesson below has unique ID Lesson02.

Adding a Prerequisite

When you want to add a prerequisite to a lesson, simply add the unique ID into the Add a Prerequisite Field. In the example below, the first lesson is a prerequisite for lesson 2.

Locked Lessons

If the user hasn’t completed a prerequisite, they will not be able to move on to the next lesson. A warning message will display that the prerequisite hasn’t been fulfilled. The user can click on it to see what prerequisites they are missing.

Unlocking Lessons

When the trainee completes a lesson or course that is a prerequisite for another training, a notification will pop up telling them that they have unlocked a new lesson or course.

Any questions?

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