New Feature: Form Builder

Ever wanted to create a custom form for ordering marketing materials? Or wanted to send out events but you were missing a couple of key fields? If you’ve ever wanted to customize your forms with the full power of Konverse, Form Builder is here to help.

Our new Form Builder gives you the ability to create, clone, or edit forms in a simple user experience. Now you can build the perfect form for any use case with every form type, field type, and dashboard available at your fingertips.

Creating a New Form

When creating a new form, you can start from scratch by selecting Custom or you can choose from our list of various form types to start from.

Each form type comes with a set of recommended and required fields. Some forms, like training or help desk, will automatically generate a dashboard to optimize display and tracking of the post data you’re entering or capturing.

Cloning a New Form

Do you have a form you like but need a copy with a few edits? Click on the Clone button to create a copy of the form that you can edit without affecting the original form.


Editing a New Form

Even after people have used it, you can edit a form to add or update any fields. Worried about data loss? Konverse will warn you anytime you’re editing a form that has existing data and allow you to preview the form so you can confirm that your changes are exactly what you need.

Have questions or interested in a demo? Reach out to your customer success manager or contact our great team at

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