Help Desk for External Users

Help Desks need to be able to handle both internal users who need help as well as external clients, vendors, and partners. With our newest update to our Help Desk module, you can build a help desk that supports your internal team and external resources.

How Does It Work?

The first step is linking a Konverse folder address with an email address within your domain. You can now quickly do this by clicking the envelope icon next to a help desk folder, adding the relevant email address, and copying the Konverse folder address. Once you create a forwarding rule from the chosen folder in your domain to the Konverse address, users can email your address and have their message create a ticket – whether they’re someone who already has a Konverse account or as an external partner or vendor.

In cases where the user is an external user without a Konverse account, we’ll create a ticket on their behalf without creating an account for them. You can then comment on their ticket and update the status to notify that external user of changes to their ticket status or questions to help you get to a resolution.

New Notifications

For external users or internal users communicating with you via email, we have a few new notification types to help them track their status:

  1. New Ticket Auto-Response – When a user creates a new ticket via email, they’ll receive an email confirming receipt of their ticket.
  2. Closed Notification – When a user’s ticket is closed, they’ll receive a ticket letting them know that their ticket has been closed.

Those new notification types should help users keep better track of their ticket status.


While you may want some external users to create tickets, you may want to block certain users or domains. While you can do this from the email address in your domain, Konverse also offers the ability blacklist a certain email address or domain. To access your blacklist, click on Member Management and select the Inbound Help Desk Blacklist tab.

Once blacklisted, the user or domain won’t be able to create any tickets if they attempt to email a Konverse address.

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