Simplify Event Management with New Notifications

We know what a pain it can be to keep everyone up to date when you’re managing an event. That’s why we created new automatic notifications for our event scheduling tool. Anytime your event is edited or canceled, a notification will get sent out automatically to accepted attendees so you don’t have to rely on them to check their calendar for updates. That’s not all – new reminder notifications go out 48 hours before the start of an event to help improve the accuracy of your attendee list and boost turnout.

Here’s how it works:

RSVP Confirmation

As soon as a user responds attending to an event, they receive a mobile and email notification confirming their response.

Event Updates

If an event gets canceled or modified, users will receive another notification on their phone and in their email so they don’t have to worry about logging in to the app to check the status of the event.

Reminder Notifications

If the event is still on, users will receive an automatic reminder email and mobile notification 48 hours before the event. If an attendee needs to modify their response, they can click on the link Change your status directly from the notification.

Clicking on Change your status takes users back to the Event in their Konverse app so that they can modify their RSVP.

Any questions?

If you don’t have a Konverse app yet, send us an email at or call us at 312-674-7987 for more information. If you’re a current customer, contact us at for help.

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