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Happy vs Unhappy Employee

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Good culture creates happy employees. Happy employee cultures produce 28% more revenue.

Engaged Culture vs Disengaged

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Engaged company culture reduces risk of employee turnover down to 13.9% from 48.4% per employee.

The Overall Costs

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Disengaged company cultures cost American businesses $300 billion per year.

Engage your team with announcements

Need to cut through the noise of email? Send company announcements from management right to your employees’ smartphones through push notifications.
Konverse’s mobile platform increases non-desk worker engagement significantly, better motivating and aligning company vision with all employee levels.

Make scheduling live events simple

Schedule trainings and other events in live event rooms that integrate with Google, Outlook and iCalendar. Easily manage event capacity and cancellations and keep track of attendee responses.

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Receive constructive feedback from your employees

Employees have great ideas to improve upon how things are done today.
Rather than holding meetings to gather feedback where notes and valuable feedback tend to get lost, use Konverse to let them voice their opinions!
Feedback rooms can be configured to be both public or controlled environments (i.e. only management sees the feedback).

Strengthen company culture and community

Build a network and create a strong bond among your teams and employees. Encourage collaboration among coworkers by sharing best practices and valuable resources.

Track the level of engagement and strength of your community

Konverse’s analytics platform enables you to analyze the engagement level among your employees. Track who has seen your announcements and adjust accordingly to improve your employee engagement rate.



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