Improve Efficiency with the Document Previewer

Viewing documents in your Konverse app just got easier. Documents in the app, including Word, Powerpoint, PDF and Excel files, are now equipped with two buttons so you can choose to download or preview documents. For a quick preview of a document, click on the magnifying glass icon. The preview allows you to scroll through content and zoom in and out right inside your app, saving you time and reducing clutter. Need a copy of your own? When the cloud icon is enabled, you can download the document to your computer.

We’ll walk you through how it works below.

The download and preview icons

When you publish a post with an attachment, the attachment is shown at the bottom of the post. Attachments now have two new icons on the right hand side. One is a cloud with an arrow point downward for downloading and the other is a magnifying glass for previewing.

Download a document

If you need to download a document, click on the cloud icon. This will open the document in a new page so that you can save it to your computer.

Preview a document

If you want to view a document within the app, click on the magnifying glass or anywhere on the attachment.

This will open up the document within the post. You can zoom in and out of the document by clicking on the plus and minus signs.

Use the previewer for all of your files

Document previewing works on other file types too! Check out some examples below.

Any questions?

If you don’t have a Konverse app yet, send us an email at or call us at 312-674-7987 for more information. If you’re a current customer, contact us at for help.

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