Give your App a Fresh Look with Customized Branding

Updating branding in your app is now easier than ever with our Customize Icons Tool. This new plugin allows you to make changes to your colors, icon, and welcome banner within your app. Let’s take a closer look!

Find the Customized Icons Tool

Towards the bottom of your left navigation, there is a new plugin called Customized Icons. When you click on Customized Icons, you will see a grey box on the left where you can change your theme color, icon and welcome banner and a preview of what the home screen will look like on the right.

Change your Colors, Icon and Banner

You can change your theme color by typing in a color code. If you’re not sure what color you want, you can click on the colored square to browse colors. To change your icon and banner, simply upload an image that is saved on your computer. Make sure that the icon image measures 512 x 512 pixels and that the height of the banner image does not exceed 100 pixels.


Once you click save, you will be automatically directed to your homepage. Here, you’ll see changes to the color of the band across the top of your app, buttons, navigation and more. Your icon will show up in the upper left hand corner of your app and the welcome banner will show on the right side of your home screen.

Any questions?

If you don’t have a Konverse app yet, send us an email at or call us at 312-674-7987 for more information. If you’re a current customer, contact us at for help.

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