Get Organized with the Attendee Management Tool

Have you ever had to deal with last minute cancellations or unreturned RSVPs? Our new Attendee Management Tool makes dealing with indecisive and unresponsive attendees easy! This new tool allows admins to change the RSVP status for each attendee that has been invited to an event. That’s not all – when the event takes place, you can check in each attendee as they arrive. And when it’s over, all of this data can be exported as a CSV so you can easily track event metrics.

Here’s how it works…

View Each Attendee’s RSVP

When people get invited to an event through Konverse, they can respond as either Attending or Not Attending. An admin can see the RSVP of each person that was invited.

Modify Responses

If someone hasn’t responded or needs to change their RSVP, the event admin can click on Manage Attendees to make changes. Each individual is displayed and the admin can modify the response for anyone invited to the event.

Check In Attendees

In the Manage Attendees Tool, you can also keep track of who made it to the event by checking each person in as they arrive. If someone shows up unexpectedly, your Konverse app will automatically update their RSVP when you check them in as shown below.

Measure Event Success

If you want to export event metrics in a CSV, just click on CSV next to Manage Attendees. Type in the email address that you want to send the CSV to and you will receive an email with the file.

In the CSV file, you can see things like attendee response and time and whether or not the attendee was checked in.

Any questions?

If you don’t have a Konverse app yet, send us an email at or call us at 312-674-7987 or more information. If you’re a current customer, contact us at for help.

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