New Feature: Archiving Content

As clients have created more content, they’ve experienced a common challenge: filtering within rooms or via search returns a backlog of content that’s no longer relevant. Archiving, either manually or via automated room setting, allows you to remove older content while promoting more relevant results.

Room owners, post creators, or app/super admins can archive a post by clicking on the see more options icon, then “Archive Post”.

To automatically archive content within a room, room owners or super/app admins can select a number of days of inactivity to wait until archiving content in the Room Edit > Archive Settings menu. Please note that archiving takes place at 12 AM ET each night and runs overnight. When turning this feature on for the first time in a room with significant amounts of content (think 1000s of posts), you may see the archiving take place over the course of a few hours.

Users can still search archived content in a room. Under room settings and controls, click on “View Archived Posts”.

Users can also include archived posts in search results. When searching the app, select “Include Archived Content”.

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